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Commercial upgrade products

Business and commercial premises can also be eligible for free or discounted energy efficiency products. The cost, if any, will depend on the type of business, type of area the light is being upgraded in, the type of product being replaced and current certificate price. See below for more

 The products available for commercial upgrades are

LED battens - replacing 600m, 1200mm and 1500mm fluorescent tubes. Most common replacement for surface mounted fluorescent battens.

LED panels - replacing entire troffers in suspended ceilings found in most offices or retail shops. 300x1200 or 600x600 panels are available.

LED highbays - Replacing 400W and 250W mercury, sodium or metal halide highbays.

LED Shop lights round - Replacing large recessed downlights, usually with 1 or 2 CFL's. 160mm and 200mm cutout, larger cutouts use conversion rings

LED Shop lights rectangular - Replacing 150W or 70W rectangular shop lights, Matching size, replaces the entire fitting.

LED downlights - Replacing 50W and 35W halogen downlights. Globe replacement only. Light output equivalent to halogens. Non-dimmable, product and installation free.

LED luminaires - Alternative to LED downlights - replacing halogen downlights including the fitting. At 5W or 8W they are up to 50% brighter than halogens. Used to replace dimmable downlights or when brighter lights are required. IC4 rated, can be covered with insulation.

LED globes - Replacing old incandescent globes or CFL's. 10W LED is equivalent to old 75W and 12W is equivalent to 100W incandescent globe, free product and installation.

LED PAR38 reflectors - Replacing old 60W up to 150W reflector type globes used as spotlights, free product and installation.

LED Flood lights - Replacing old 70W up to 1500W floodlights. Ranging from 15W to 300W. Larger lights available on demand.

Low flow showerheads - just as in the residential sector, we can replace your inefficient shower heads in your place of business. Our showerheads are rated 9L/min offering best compromise between saving water and energy and showering experience. Free product and installation.

Calculating the amount of subsidy for any commercial project is a complex process in most cases because it depends, among other variables, on business activity conducted in each area being upgraded (Space Type).  

Each Space Type is assigned between 1000 and 8500 annual operating hours (AOH) which determines the number of certificates (VEECs) and thus the level of subsidy for that Space Type. Most businesses will have 2-3 Space Types and the level of subsidy could be different depending on each space AOH rating. The table below shows AOH rating of typical space types.


 Space types

 % subsidised 


Fence, mast, antenna, retaining wall, swimming pool, or the like, lights not attached to the building like signs or mast



Assembly - church, public hall, club, cinema, theatre, bus/railway station, sports or stadium, child care, leisure centres and venues, function rooms



Office, rooms and cabins in hotels/motels etc., lab or library, GP and dentist practice, vet, car service or repair shop (if not part of car dealer or service station)



Retail and wholesale, manufacturing, packaging and storage, restaurant, café, bar etc., service station or car dealer (including car service)



Health care, aged care



Undercover car park, common areas of flat/apartment block and hotels/motels etc.



Maintained emergency lighting