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Your local energy efficiency experts      

Building Services

Subsidised energy efficiency products and services

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   VEU upgrades & Rebates

   House Energy As​sessments

   Small Business Energy Saver Program



Business and commercial upgrades 

Please use the contact page to find out more or book an installation

Business and commercial premises can also be eligible for free or discounted energy efficiency products. The cost, if any, will depend on the type of business, type of area the light is being upgraded in, the type of product being replaced and current certificate price.

As part of the upgrade we will need to collect evidence of the installation, including taking photos of lights and spaces, drawing sketches and measuring light levels. We may also require copies of some other documents like business insurance, business license or in some cases, rates notice.

The products must be installed by Homelab and checked if they operate correctly. At the end of the installation the householder must sign the VEEC assignment form to assign the rights to create certificates to us. Old products must be removed and recycled by the installer.

Please use the buttons on top of this page to see what products can be replaced and a level of subsidy you can receive.