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Subsidised energy efficiency products and services

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   VEU upgrades & Rebates

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With Homelab, licensed electricians can take active part in VEET scheme or just provide additional value to their customers and earn extra commission while working on their own jobs.

Homelab provides information, advice and support to ensure the work is compliant with VEET regulations and the rebate/subsidy can be claimed, while minimising it's impact on installation time. With the exception of some slight modifications, electricians can continue their work as they always did, and we take care of the rest.

If you are licensed electrician you can sign up with us to take part in the VEET scheme. To set you up we will need to meet and

  • discuss your requirements and preferred level of participation in the scheme
  • collect details necessary to register you as VEET installer

Once signed up, you will be able to replace regular lights and downlights in business or residential premises or perform commercial upgrades (shop lights, led tubes, hi-bays etc.) and receive the commission from Homelab.

For all your jobs, you would need to

  • Ensure the product you use is registered under VEET
  • Remove the old products according to VEET regulations
  • Collect and keep removed products for recycling
  • Fill in and have the customer sign the VEET form(s)
  • Forward all paperwork and decommissioned items to us
  • Issue an invoice for the agreed amount and terms

Homelab can help you with the above by

  • Supplying the product in quantity or per job
  • Arranging all pick-ups and drop-offs either at your office or at nominated location (ie on the job)
  • Providing forms with pre-printed information to minimise paperwork time during the installation
  • Paying competitive rates for your work

And for commercial upgrades we can also

  • Attend for you or assist you in pre-installation inspection to conduct light count, product selection and collect other data
  • Generate professional quote to forward to your customer
  • Manage the upgrade process so you can concentrate on the actual work

To find out more, give us a call - 1300 781 614