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VEU activity 5 - Ducted gas heater 

VEU activity 7 - Gas room heater 

Currently gas heaters can only be upgraded to more efficient gas heaters or a room heat pump. There are changes planned to be implemented next year for upgrading gas heaters to heat pump split systems. Upgrading to more efficient gas heater will no longer be eligible after April 30, 2023. The table below compares the upgrade scenarios and estimated rebates.  

How much rebate will be available?

Decommissioning scenarios for upgrading gas heaters

Current rebate

New rebate after 30/4/2023

Room gas heater upgraded to gas heater



Room gas heater upgraded to heat pump RCAC



Ducted gas heater upgraded to ducted gas 5/6 stars



Ducted gas heater upgraded to RCAC



* currently can be upgraded in a different scenario (not to RCAC heat pump)

The rebates quoted in this table are estimated only and calculated on current certificate price which may change in the future. Also the rebates vary by location (climate). After the new activities are implemented we will be able to issue exact quotes for your specific claim. 

What should I do

After April 30, 2023 upgrading from gas heater to another gas heater will no longer be an option. You need to complete the upgrade before that date in order to receive the rebate.   

To process the rebate using upgrade options currently available register on our Contact Us page. We will send you approved product list, the claim form and a step-by-step checklist to complete the activity and collect the required evidence.