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Subsidised energy efficiency products and services

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   VEU upgrades & Rebates

   House Energy As​sessments

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Residential Upgrades - Rebates

Rebate process

  • You, the consumer, arrange the purchase and or installation of the product.
  • The product must be approved under VEU scheme (see below how to check)
  • You collect the evidence required and signed forms and send to us
  • We process the application and submit to the authority to generate VEECs (see below how to estimate the number of certificates and rebate amount)
  • Once processed and registered, we send you the cash benefit

To start the process please register through our Contact Us page

Please note: if the upgrade involves replacing old equipment/products (as most of the activity's do) it is important to document the old product in place with photographs and closeups of any brand and model markings. After the installation, the old product/equipment must be permanently destroyed or rendered unusable (decommissioned). One of the conditions of receiving the rebate is that the old products can not be re-used. You will need to keep recycling receipt and/or photographic evidence of the method of decommissioning.

To check if the product is approved

1. Go to

2. Select activity date = current or past date

3. Select Sector = Residential

4. Select activity from pull down list

Note: The screen will refresh with additional input fields specific for each activity. 

5. Fill in all required fields. 

Please note: Product Brand and Product Model fields contain the list of approved products for the activity, so if you can't find your specific product on the list it means it is not approved and you can not claim rebate on it.   

6. Press Calculate button at the boottom of the page

7. The screen will refresh and will have a number of "Eligible VEECs" (certificates)

8. Multiply the VEECs by our VEEC price ($50 - Aug 2021)