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Subsidised energy efficiency products and services

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   Small Business Energy Saver Program

Small Business Energy Saver Program

In addition to VEU rebates, Sustainability Victoria (SV) is providing additional bonus for selected upgrades. The bonus is capped at $2000 (50 vouchers) per business - ie total of all eligible activities and installations claimed under SBESP. The bonus is provided at the same time as your VEU rebate. A number of local organisations and community groups (intermediaries) have been contracted by SV to sign up regional businesses and help them access VEU rebates and other benefits. For more information click here   


- small business (up to 19 employees)

- must operate from commercial premises

- must sign the form disclosing electricity and gas usage details 

- must engage in eligible activitty 

Eligible activities - receive VEU rebate and SV bonus

- Space Heating - heat pump split system

- Water Heating - heat pump or solar boosted gas 

- Fridge or Freezer - purchase new efficient fridge or freezer

- RDC - purchase new Refrigerated Display Cabinet 

- Pre-rinse Spray Valve 

Ineligible activities - VEU rebate only

- Space Heating - ducted heating systems

- Space Heating - gas room heaters 

- Commercial lighting 

- TV's, dryers, pool pumps 

For an indication of how much you will receive for please see SV Bonus Schedule

The rebates in the SV Bonus Schedule are average rebates calculated on selected product. We can work out the exact amount of rebate by issuing a quote on one or more products

To check if the new product is eligible for a rebate, follow the link below and enter required activity type. The list can be filtered by brand or model or any other field. Only product on the list are eligible for a rebate.​

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